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With a maximum takeoff weight of 28kg or 62lbs this configuration allows for a fully optioned cinema such as a Red or Alexa Mini, gimbal, follow focus etc while maintaining a take off weight that falls within current US regulations on UAVs at 25kg or 55lbs. Because of the modular design users can easily replace the arms with different motor configurations as current laws evolve to allow a wider range of take off weights. Additionally this modular system allows for the aircraft to move from case to flight in a very short amount of time. The long arms will accommodate up to 30” props with room to spare. All Gryphon Dynamics frames are built tough this model has a larger center plate, thicker carbon fiber, and 50mm booms. This allows for more batteries, extra space for electronics, and higher payload capacity. Designed around a high voltage setup the GRYPHON-X8-28 is great for major motion picture cinematography because of its ability to safely and effectively lift popular cameras packages such as the RED Epic, Alexa Mini, Sony F55, and many more.

The GRYPHON-X8-28C comes with the following options included

  • Retractable landing gear
  • Vibration dampening for camera and gimbal to suit most popular gimbal models (select your type above)
  • Core PCB
  • X-Motor mounts
  • ESC plate
  • 600A distribution board
  • Inbult 12V / 6V voltage selectable BEC

Included Parts

  • Fully Assembled and flight tested ready to fly when you receive your aircraft
  • DJI Naza Flight Controller
  • Futaba 8FG (other options available above)

Optional Extras

  • Waypoint navigation
  • Travel cases

Why choose to use the DJI Naza over the DJI A2? The DJI naza with a X8 configuration has superior flight characteristics. The A2 has altitude hold issues and the Naza does not. 

Aaircraft Weight : 12kg / 26lb
Maximum useful Load (Payload + Batteries) : 16kg /35lb
Max takeoff weight : 28kg / 62lb
Minimum Takeoff weight : 20kg / 44lb
Maximum Flight Time : 44 min



Detachable Arms

Strong Stiff Airframes

Quick Connector Arms

Dual BEC

600A Distribution Board

LED Navigation Lights

Retractable Legs

X-Motor Mounts

Powerful Brushless Motors

Carbon Fiber  28" Propellers

80A High Voltage ESC's with heatsinks

Compatble with a huge range of sensors, gimbals and measurement devices 

Redundant Battery System